How to Build a Community Following for Your Med-Spa

You have built your med spa business from the ground up, but now what? Now could be the right time for your company to invest in marketing and advertising. After all, the goal of any med-spa business is to keep a constant flow of new happy clients. You may be under the impression that marketing and advertising cost a lot of money; however, we are here to tell you that there are inexpensive solutions! One of those solutions is event marketing. Event marketing is a fun and effective way to build a community around your business, and make true meaningful connections.

Customer Loyalty & Connections

When people feel connected to a brand or business they tend to share their good experiences with their friends, family and co-workers. There is no better way to connect to people than face to face. You will be amazed to see once hosting a few events that people begin to follow your business on social media and want to be associated with your business. Since your med-spa is offering a valuable event that truly sparks their interest, people will always want to stay up-to-date on what is new and exciting within your med-spa. They won’t want to miss out!

To help you generate event-hosting ideas, below are a few suggestions.

Event Marketing Tips for Esthetic Professionals

1. Offer, “do it yourself” classes. Show simple techniques for cellulite reduction, relaxation or any other technique. Your clients will be thankful for the tips and they will comeback for professional services.

2. Around the holidays, such as Christmas or Hanukkah, are great times to host an event and show your customers that you appreciate them. Furthermore, you can offer special packages to clients to buy for others during this time. This increases sales while also boosts referral business.

3. The anniversary of your business is a big deal! Also, it is the best time to treat clients and offer VIP services during an exclusive event.

4. Host events such as bridal showers and wedding parties because it usually involves a large group of people who could be clients in the future!

Let Us Know What You Think

Do you have other suggestions? Please share your experiences below in the comments section or on our Facebook page. We would love to hear what you have to say about this topic. If you do host an event, let us know how it goes. Remember, the most important aspect of hosting an event is to relax and have fun. Good luck!

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