How Do endermologie® Techniques Work?

There’s nothing people dread more than cellulite. Cellulite causes our skin to start dimpling when there’s underlying fat deposits, leaving areas like our hips and thighs looking unsightly. While cellulite can be brought upon by a number of reasons like genetics and weight gain, there’s hope. Today, there’s a treatment option called endermologie® which works to remove cellulite.

For those that have never heard of endermologie® before, it’s a mechanical massage that first originated in France, which works to remove cellulite from the body. Unlike other cellulite removal procedures, this one is both non-invasive and non-surgical. Within the endermologie® mchine, there’s a vacuum which suctions, disables and ultimately lifts the soft tissue in the body. From there, the dual rollers in the machine start massaging the connective issues and fat pockets, so that the appearance of cellulite is improved.

Since the endermologie® will be constantly massaging your skin, this loosens up the cellulite that’s packed tightly underneath. This process also helps gets the circulation in your body flowing. Of course, this machine is FDA approved, so it’s safe for you to use. Typically, you will need to get about 14 to 28 initial treatments anywhere from 1 to 2 times a week to see results. However, after that, you will need to get treated on a monthly basis for maintenance. Each endermologie® treatment will generally take 30 minutes.

The first signs of results usually happen after 6 treatments on the body. Usually you will start to see an obvious reduction of cellulite as the treatments increase. A lot of patients are curious if endermologie® treatments are painful and they are quite the contrary. Actually, most people have stated that receiving endermologie® feels similar to getting an extremely deep massage, so it is very relaxing. Plus, if you go through the endermologie® treatments and find them to be too intense for your liking, you can always adjust the rolling action to meet your personal comfort level.

After getting an endermologie® treatment, you will likely feel full of energy and way more relaxed. There may be some temporary bruise marks that occur, since you are receiving a deep tissue massage, but overall nothing too noticeable. Thanks to the endermologie®, cellulite doesn’t have to be a problem. Now, you can be proud to show off your body.

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