Guide to Cellulite Removal & the Different Types of Treatment

Reducing the appearance of cellulite

What Is Cellulite?

Before you find out ways for cellulite removal, you first need to know what cellulite is. Cellulite is the fat pushed towards the connective tissues under your skin. It makes your skin look lumpy and dimpled. It usually occurs on your buttocks and thighs, but is some cases, on other parts of your body too.

History of Cellulite Removal

Not many people know this, but cellulite removal hasn’t been a hot topic in the past. The ladies of the past weren’t very concerned about this issue. But in the last few decades, cellulite has become an issue for many.

Every other woman you meet in the new age is fighting with unsightly dimples on her skin and looking for an effective cellulite removal treatment. Everybody wants their bodies to look flawless. According to the statistics, approximately 90% of women in today’s time are fighting with cellulite in the US alone.

Why Is Cellulite a Major Problem for Women?

Ever wondered why most women suffer from cellulite more than men do? It is because women’s fatty cells and connective tissues are arranged vertically, and the fat cells push through the connective tissues. On the other hand, men’s fatty cells and connective tissues are in a criss-cross pattern, so they don’t get cellulite that often. Approximately 90% of women suffer from cellulite all over the world.

  • Skin Structure

The connective tissues in the thighs give them a smooth appearance. You can expect cellulite to appear when bulges of fat are wrapped under the skin, and the fat cells intrude the connective tissue layer. A woman’s skin is thinner than a man’s.

The distinctive structure of a woman’s dermis is the main reason that makes her more prone to developing cellulite.

  • Fat Distribution

Naturally, a woman’s body is softer and rounder. Because of its softness, a woman’s body is more prone to getting fat quicker. The modern lifestyle is inactive. Additionally, fatty foods make women fat. The unused fat in the body continues to accumulate and eventually pushes through the connective tissues to cause cellulite.

Cellulite in Teenagers

Cellulite has always been a major concern for women. However, the modern inactive and sedentary lifestyles with technology confining the kids to the couch, we see cellulite becoming common in teenagers as well.

The modern diet includes a lot of sugar, fats, and empty calories. The inclusion of these elements in everyday food plays a very important role in obesity and cellulite in teenagers.

The intense change of hormones also has a role in kids getting cellulite.

You should teach your kids that adopting a healthy lifestyle is always a better option. It is always better to take precautions rather than taking medications. If your child is active and still has cellulite, you do not have to worry about him/her. It might be genetic.

How Are 10% of Women Safe from Cellulite?

Everybody has a unique body, and some women have good skin. These ladies may have a thicker skin. The collagen in their skin is distributed perfectly, so you can say that they have hit the genetic lottery.

It is also very probable that the perfect looking legs you see on social media have grade one cellulite, which is not very visible. However, when these women get to their old age, they may also suffer from cellulite.

Women with ample collagen production in their bodies can be safe from collagen even during their later years. They do not get cellulite even after menopause, and they stay dimple-free all their life.

What Causes Cellulite?

The major cause of cellulite is still unknown. From different researches, it was seen that cellulite might appear because of the changes that occur in the connective and fatty tissue layer under the skin.

In women, the connective tissues and fat cells are arranged vertically. So, when the fat cells push their weight against skin cells, they give the impression of cellulite.

In men, however, the fatty cells and skin tissues are arranged in a criss-cross manner. As a result, men are less likely to develop cellulite. Cellulite in men may be because of factors different from those that affect women.

Cellulite is like a curse that is sent upon a woman when she hits puberty. Contrary to common misconception, cellulite is not only excess fat. If it were the case, then thin and sporty women wouldn’t be suffering from it. The scientific term for cellulite is ‘Oedematous FibroSclerotic Superficial Panniculitis.’ In simple words, you can say that cellulite is the inflammation in the fat cells of your adipose layer. The inflammation is combined with the hardening of your scar tissues. This is the major reason for the occurrence of cellulite.

  • Hormone and Age Factor

Noradrenaline, estrogen, thyroid, and prolactin are some hormones that play a very important role in the appearance of cellulite.

A study concluded that menopause in women causes a decrease in the production of estrogen and the flow of blood in the connective tissues.

The decreased blood flow in connective tissue means that the skin is not getting enough oxygen. The lowered oxygen levels result in a low production of collagen, which leads to a decline in estrogen levels.

All these factors combine and result in thinning of the skin. As a result, the skin becomes very less elastic, resulting in the weakening of connective tissue and the appearance of cellulite.

  • Genetic Factor

Genetics plays a vital role in causing cellulite. Certain types of genes are prone to the appearance of cellulite. The genetics of a person can affect their speed of metabolism, the fat distribution under their skin, and their blood circulation level. Genetics has a major role in a person’s life. Ethnicity also has a major part in the development of cellulite.

  • Dietary Factor

Your dietary habits play a vital role in the production of cellulite. If you consume fatty foods, carbohydrates, salt, and less fiber, you are more prone to cellulite.

Contrary to common misconception, toxins have no role to play in the development of cellulite. You should lead a healthy life, and that should take care of cellulite.

  • Lifestyle Factor

Cellulite is also found in prevalent smokers, especially those who do not work out at all. It is common in people who sit or stand for long hours in one position.

Underpants that are tight around the buttocks can also cause cellulite. The tight elastic may limit your blood flow and contribute to the development of cellulite.

People who have excess body fat have cellulite, but that does not mean that slim and fit people cannot have cellulite. It is also found in skinny lads. Cellulite is seen in people who are over 25, but teenagers are not 100% safe from its occurrence.

Types of Cellulite

People call cellulite the ’orange peel skin’ or ‘cottage cheese skin’ because of the look of it. For most women, it is just bad looking skin, but in worst-case scenarios, cellulite starts causing pain in some women. Cellulite has three degrees:

  • First Degree: Soft Cellulite

It refers to the sagginess of the skin around arms, buttocks, thighs, and hips. The sagginess is because of the fat that has accumulated on these body parts. The soft cellulite is also known as flaccid cellulite.

The flaccid cellulite is mostly a result of an abnormal fat accumulation in the area. Soft cellulite is more visible when lying down rather than when you are standing. This type of cellulite is not painful when touched, and it feels gelatinous and surging.

The best solution to reduce the appearance of soft cellulite is to adopt a precise healthy diet and workout routine. A good lifestyle will be the first step to help reduce the appearance of your cellulite.

  • Second Degree: The Hard Cellulite

The hard and compact cellulite is a more severe stage of cellulite. Even the toned and fit women might suffer from hard cellulite. The hard cellulite might be slightly painful when touched. You can identify hard cellulite by the deep depressions and blemishes on your thighs. It gives off a look of an ‘orange-peel.’

When your cellulite starts to ache or harden, you should consider treating it because it may become more painful. The sooner you start treating it, the better the things will be for you. For this type of cellulite, you need to go for proper treatment, which will be discussed later.

  • Third Degree: The Edematous Cellulite

It is the most severe form of cellulite. The main reason for this type of cellulite may be poor circulation of blood. The edematous cellulite is very painful if you sit in one position for longer durations. This type of cellulite is usually apparent on thighs and knees, and also on the lower legs. It may alter the shape of the legs. It makes the legs swell, and it can be excruciatingly painful. The edematous cellulite is also very rare. It mostly occurs in women in their middle ages.

Treating edematous cellulite can be very tricky. Most doctors recommend that to treat this type of cellulite, they have to increase the blood flow and reduce fluid retention in the affected area. To treat the severe edematous cellulite, the patient could go for lymphatic drainage.

Known Treatments for Cellulite Removal

Since cellulite has come in the light, people have come up with numerous cures for it, but its hard luck that none of the treatments have proven to be permanent. In many cases, science does not back these treatments.

However, with some cosmetic treatments, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite successfully. Some of these treatments are as under:

  • Laser Treatment

It improves the look of cellulite on the skin. It uses a laser that is fired into the skin, breaking the connective tissues. It thickens your skin, which helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

  • Cellfina

The cellfina procedure is minimally invasive. It is a mechanical procedure that starts with numbing the targeted area. The surgeon inserts plastic blades into the skin near the cellulite. The blades are super tiny, and they vibrate rapidly. They open the bands under your skin that are causing the dimples. The procedure continues until the impression of cellulite minimizes.

  • The Carboxytherapy

In this procedure, carbon dioxide is injected under the skin. The drawback of the procedure is that it can cause bruises. However, it can help make cellulite less visible.

  • Subcision

The dermatologist will put a needle under the skin, which would break the connective tissues. The procedure will lead to results that may last for two years or more.

  • Acoustic Wave Therapy

This procedure involves a handheld device for treating cellulite with sound waves. The therapy includes several sessions, which can be a bit tiring for people who are looking for a quick solution.

  • Vacuum-assisted Precise Tissue Release

In this procedure, the dermatologist will cut the band using a device that has tiny blades.

The dermis tissues under the connective bands move upwards and fill the gaps in the skin. The appearance of cellulite disappears almost entirely, and the results may last for three years.

  • Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is a short-term therapy that includes heating the skin for cellulite removal.

  • Laser-assisted Liposuction

This procedure has not shown any effective results. In fact, It can worsen the appearance of cellulite in some cases. The procedure is done by removing small amounts of fat from the dermis of the skin.

  • Ultrasonic Liposuction

This procedure also includes destroying fat from the area, but just like the previous method, it does not provide any significant results for cellulite removal.

The cryoliposis is also not recommended for the lack of positive results. The procedure involves mesotherapy and the freezing of the fat, which means mixing substances under the epidermis.

  • Lonithermie Cellulite Reduction Treatment

This method has not proven effective either. It includes covering all your affected areas with a special clay or mud and then wrapping it in plastic. It also involves the use of electric current. It is a purely cosmetic procedure.

  • endermologie®

endermologie® is one of the safest ways to treat your cellulite. The procedure is 100% natural. It uses a handheld mechanical massager. The device has independent massaging rollers, which effectively massage the connective tissues of the skin and also the fatty cells. The effect of the procedure shows after a few sessions. The procedure is completely non-invasive and unaggressive, which means it doesn’t involve any cutting or bruising.  There is no downtime after the procedure. The procedure is so safe that it can work on your face, as well. Endermologie is effective in helping the skin look youthful. It makes the skin tighter and also gives an illusion of reduced weight.

The procedure includes only 15-35 minutes of massage. The results of the procedure are amazing and the results are said to last for three years.

Medications and Ointments

The medications for cellulite removal are merely to work on the fatty tissues, which may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine might help in reducing the appearance of cellulite because it helps in dehydrating your cells, which further helps reduce the impression of cellulite. You can find a variety of caffeine-infused medications online for cellulite removal. But do not forget to conduct a patch test before trying these medications.

  • Retinol

Retinol is a well-known and effective way to get rid of your cellulite. The retinol thickens your skin, which helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite. To see effective results, you need to use retinol for six months continuously. But before you use retinol daily, conduct a patch test. It does not work for everyone. Some people experienced heart-racing after its use. There are many retinol treatments available online.

Some people propose to use medication that improves your cell metabolism and circulation. They might help you in minimizing the look of cellulite.

Alternate Solutions

You can make a ground coffee scrub and use it every time you shower. It may help reduce cellulite gradually. You can also buy some caffeinated products from online stores.

Some people wear a compressed garment to reduce the look of cellulite. The compressed garments help in compressing the arteries. As a result, they see an increase in blood and lymph flow. The constant compression from the garment leads to reducing the look of cellulite. The compression garments can be bought from online stores and your nearest shops.

Over time, people had the impression that liposuction and dieting can reduce the impression of cellulite. However, scientific researches proved that these methods do not affect cellulite because they do not help in breaking the connective tissues.

But eating healthy food and cutting out fat from your diet may help because then the body will have lesser fat to push through the connective tissues.

Try endermologie®!

There are women in the world who like to show off their cellulite. At the same time, some women want their bodies to look like a Greek Goddess. Social media and the beauty industry plays a very important role in our lives. Those showing some unachievable body goals contribute to making the society more complicated.

As a result, you might push yourself to do things you don’t want to do naturally. You could end up opting for aggressive and invasive methods to remove cellulite when so many safe methods are available to achieve the same or better results, like endermologie®. It does not matter how much your situation worries you. You should still pick only a safe method to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Ready to reduce the appearance of cellulite with non-invasive and effective treatments? Start using endermologie® treatments today!

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