Get A Turnkey Beauty Concept With Minimal Space With The Mobi M6

Turnkey Beauty Concept

While many Endo-System clients are operators of full med-spas and wellness centers, facial endermologie® treatments can actually be provided virtually anywhere with the compact, portable Mobi M6.

We’ve seen a significant surge in interest recently from cosmetic stores, salons, nail, brow and blow-out bars. With more and more clients specifically asking for endermologie® treatment by name, we are pleased to be able to offer express face treatments at the favorite beauty providers that clients are already frequenting.


The great thing about offering endermologie® in your salon or cosmetic bar is that your clients are already there. They don’t need to seek out a separate endermologie® center, book another appointment, and drive across town. Your weekly nail and blow-out clients can become weekly endermologie® clients, enjoying all the age-defying facial benefits offered by full-size endermologie® equipment at med-spas.

Small But Powerful Mobi M6

The Mobi M6 weighs less than 24 pounds, and its compact size requires little space to operate and no separate treatment room. The Mobi M6 works by stimulating fibroblasts, which produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The result is increased lymphatic flow, improved radiance, replumping, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, and lifting effect of sagging skin. With regular treatments, clients will be amazed at the age-defying results.

Grow Your Business With Mobi M6 endermologie® Treatments

Best of all, when the esthetician is set up in a prominent spot, the treatment will attract the interest of other clients. Face endermologie® treatment is painless and quite relaxing. With no exposure concerns, as with body endermologie®, clients will feel as if they are enjoying a rejuvenating facial massage – at the envy of every passerby! Businesses that invest in endermologie® equipment generally see an ROI in less than a year because it is proven successful at increasing current client spend and bringing in new clients.

Find Out How To Get Face endermologie® For Your Business

Contact Endo-Systems, the exclusive distributor of LPG equipment for North America, for a free consultation to discover how easy it is to become an endermologie® provider.

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