Exploring endermologie® and Interactive Workshop

Most experienced endermologie® experts will agree that part of the excitement of being in this business is having (and taking) the opportunity to learn from the pros – no matter if you are just starting out or you have a few to several years of experience.

Setting goals that deliver results have always been the basis of any great business, and at Endo-Systems the goal is to provide all of our clients with the highest levels of training, professional proficiency and ongoing service and assistance. Our team of professionals will not only get you started, they’ll provide the expertise to help you firmly establish yourself in the field.

We provided a very exciting experience recently, when Dr. Clelia Monteux, a scientific expert from LPG, spoke at our one-time, invitation-only Endo-Systems event. Dr. Monteux was an invited guest at the 20th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Miami. In addition to sharing her extensive scientific expertise and personal experiences in endermologie®, she graciously fielded questions from the guests during an interactive workshop.

Dr. Monteaux, who has been with LPG since 2000, did a great deal of her work at Sophia Antipolis, a technology park in the beautiful countryside northwest of Antibes and southwest of Nice, France.

This event was the perfect arena for both long-time endermologie® business owners and those looking to implement endermologie® as a new service.

Some of the discussions at the Congress included the following topics:

  • endermologie® and its impact on the beauty market
  • The latest generation of endermologie® machines and their expanded protocols and features
  • New directions in aesthetic skin treatments
  • How the addition of endermologie® treatments can increase business


Because the focus of Endo-Systems is on your success, our staff of professionals is dedicated to providing continuing education for wellness professionals seeking to learn the ins and outs of endermologie®. With that in mind, Endo-Systems can also help other companies create an endermologie® Event that provides education on endermologie®’s specialized services and treatments for their clients.

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The pros at Endo-Systems are always developing the latest solutions to help our clients grow their businesses. Whether you need pre-designed websites ready for customizing or other marketing solutions, feel free to reach out to us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent training graduate or an experienced endermologie® professional Interested in starting or expanding a wellness spa or a non-invasive cellulite treatment business – the Endo-Systems’ team of professionals are equipped and willing to help get you started!

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