Explaining and Selling endermologie® to Your Clients: 101

Not all wellness-based services sell themselves – even those becoming as popular as endermologie® treatments. And not all spa owners or endermologie® technicians enjoy the selling process as much as others may. To some, selling seems like a frustrating process that may end in rejection; to many consumers, nothing is a bigger turn-off than a blatant sales pitch.

However, if you have a business, you have to sell your professional services to prospective clients in order to earn revenue. What you need are some irresistible sales pitches guaranteed to capture the attention and imagination of your prospects, and convert them into enthusiastic clients.

Become an Experthow-to-become-an-expert-600x300

If you don’t know how to explain every facet of every treatment, and how the machines work to provide each result – learn. Arm yourself with answers in anticipation of every possible question a prospective client could ask, and link each fact to a benefit. Condense every answer into a brief, easily understood description that will grab a person’s interest, while putting to rest any concerns.

Make it Personal

One of the real secrets to success, particularly when selling endermologie® treatments, is empathy. You must understand your customers’ needs, wants, challenges and problems so you can help them in the best possible way.

How do you gain this kind of understanding? Ask questions. Ask them about their concerns and frustrations with “problem areas”. Ask them about their hopes regarding the ultimate benefits of a program of endermologie® treatments. Do this until you have a firm picture of what they need, then outline the best solution to their problems.

Offer Solutions, not Featuresheader-service-solutions

As an endermologie® expert, you probably love the details of your treatment services. But potential customers are at first only interested in what your treatments will do for them: How will they solve their cellulite problems? How will using your services help them to achieve their goals faster and with less effort?

Always translate the protocols of each treatment into your customers’ benefits. Don’t focus solely on the bells and whistles of the endermologie® machines, but what the treatments will do for them.

Make Your Services Real

Services are intangible, so you have to make them tangible. Create one or more packages of your different treatment protocols. If you present all available endermologie® treatments at once, you risk the chance of creating confusion. By creating attractive treatment packages that cater to each customer’s needs and budget, you can sell more of your services while keeping your clients eager to do business with you.

Imagine the possibilities, if each time you spoke with a prospective client, she or he said, “I get it! When do we start?” Remember – the easier you make it for consumers to buy your services, the faster your client base will grow – and the more revenue will hit your bottom line.

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