Endermowear for endermologie® – Beware of Fake LPG Suits

Spa and salon owners to provide endermologie® treatments for their clientele know the importance of having each treatment recipient wear an authentic LPG® Endermowear™ bodysuit during all cellulite treatment processes. Because most endermologie treatment spas offer clients the option of purchasing a personal body suit for use during future sessions, it’s vital to beware of counterfeit bodysuits.

The Downside of Using Imitation Endermowear

The construction and materials used in the manufacture of imitation suits are cheap, which leads to rapid deterioration and possible skin irritations and allergic reactions. Additionally, due to the patented design of authentic LPG suits, the cheaper garments can cause serious damage to the rolls and pumps on your endermologie equipment. This has become such a serious issue that spas and salons who resort to using counterfeit suits stand the very real chance of having the warranties on their machines voided.

The Latest Innovations in Endermowear

Mens New Endermoware Bodysuit
Mens New Endermoware Bodysuit

The latest generation of LPG® Endermowear offers a new standard for treatment. The patented suit allows for a more secure grasp of the targeted treatment area, and facilitates easier maneuvering and more visibility. The design not only offers an increased treatment sensation for clients – being lighter and more breathable on the skin, it’s easier to put on and more comfortable to wear. The new suits also make it easier to trace each client’s target areas onto the fabric so they can be clearly identified during every treatment session.

The new generation Endermowear suits are available in the following approximate women’s sizes:

  • 1 (up to size 8)
  • 2 (size 10 to 12)
  • 3 (size 14 and up)

Women’s suits are available in white and men’s in blue (which are one size fits all). Each new suit is ready to wear and attractively packaged in a stylish black zippered pouch. Caring for genuine Endermowear is as simple as hand-washing the suit in warm water or machine washing on the gentle cycle.

A Final Word

Endermowear bodysuits are specialized components of a mutually beneficial program of endermologie treatments, and they’re designed with the same care and thoughtfulness as your endermologie machines. An authentic Endermowear suit not only allows the treatment head to glide easily over the treatment areas, it helps to keep the treatment head clean and free of body oils or moisture. When only the finest endermologie equipment will do, it makes sense to provide only the finest bodysuits for clients – genuine Endermowear.

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