endermologie® Technician Training: What You Need to Know


Originally used to prevent skin contraction and to loosen scar tissue from burn injuries, endermologie® is also the first non-invasive device approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifically for reducing the appearance of cellulite on the body.

While the root causes of cellulite development vary, it affects people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Several factors do play likely roles in cellulite development.

  • Hormones – including estrogen, noradrenaline, insulin, prolactin and thyroid hormones are believed to be involved in the production of cellulite.
  • Genetics may predispose an individual to develop cellulite, including race, gender, subjacent fat distribution, a slow metabolism and poor lymphatic and blood circulation.
  • A poor diet, heavy in carbohydrates, fat, salt and too little fiber may increase the amount of cellulite development.
  • Cellulite may also be more prevalent in those who lead sedentary lives, smokers or people who sit or stand in one place for long periods.

Treatments are performed by trained and certified endermologie® therapists, who manipulate, roll and knead the subjacent soft tissue in affected areas. This matchless combination of deep-reaching massage combined with gentle suction cannot be replicated by other means. At Endo-Systems in Fort Lauderdale, we select and distribute non-invasive, non-aggressive LPG® equipment and natural products tailored to the needs of med-spas, wellness centers and other aesthetic health and wellness-oriented businesses and their clients.

Some of the finest endermologie® therapists received their specialized education at our Fort Lauderdale facility – the only official LPG® endermologie® training facility in the country.

If you’re interested in becoming an endermologie® expert, we offer a wide variety of training programs to ensure you get the finest results with your LPG® equipment. Our experienced trainers – who regularly update their training with LPG’s International Training Team – pass on that expertise to each student. Depending on your chosen discipline, the courses may include:

  • Protocols for full body cellulite treatment and relaxation
  • Making a detailed client evaluation
  • Equipment hygiene and maintenance
  • Roll technology used in smoothing cellulite, body sculpting, skin toning and circulation stimulation

Our class sizes are purposely limited to ensure you receive sufficient real-time practice, more focused attention and feedback from our training personnel.

Just as Endo-Systems, LLC has earned its reputation for dedicated customer service, our training department does the same by offering updated training and marketing support. So, what are you waiting for – contact us today about starting your endermologie® training!

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