Endermologie Services: How to Add, Promote, and Upsell Endermologie Treatments at Your Business

As a beauty professional, you should always be on the lookout for new ways to make people feel better about the way they look. Endermologie® services do just that; not only do they improve your bottom line, Endermologie® offers treatment for one of womens’ most complained-about issues- cellulite. Read on to find out how adding Endermologie® services and treatments to your spa, wellness, or health-based business could increase its bottom line and customer satisfaction.

What Are Endermologie® Services?

Simply put, Endermolgie is an FDA cleared, patented, proprietary technique that reduces the appearance of cellulite with the use of mechanical massage. The technique involves the use of two key pieces of equipment. One is the I.M.R. or Independent Motorized Roller used for the body. The other is the I.M.F or Independent motorized Flap used for the face.

This 100% natural and effective technique targets connective tissues to free up trapped fluid and fat deposits for smoother-looking skin. The benefits of Endermologie® have been documented by over 145 scientific studies.

What Types of Industry is it Used for?

Spa Applications- Imagine being able to provide beauty services that go beyond just the surface of skin. Many spas offer facials and exfoliating. But how many times have you heard women complaining about their cellulite? How great would it be if you could tell them you can help reduce its appearance? Whether you’re an aesthetician, own a day spa, or a skin care center- Endermologie® services can help expanding your offerings and bring in new customers.

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Applications- Endermologie® can be used to reduce muscle pain, decrease healing time for sports injuries, and to supplement a physical therapy regimen. From reducing swelling to reinforcing muscles- Endermologie®’s benefits go far beyond the skin surface.

Aesthetic Medicine Applications- Because Endermologie® is non-invasive a, it’s a great procedure to offer clients looking for results with little to no healing time. Additionally, Endermologie® can be used to help facilitate healing after a surgery.

How Can It Improve Your Customer Satisfaction?

  • Customer Frequency– Since treatments are ongoing and provide consistent results, patients will always return. There’s no better customer than a loyal one.
  • Combining Treatments- Endermologie® services aren’t designed to stand alone. They work best when combined with other services. Customers won’t be able to resist your other services when they see the results Endermologie® provides.
  • Safety- In the medical or health and wellness field, it’s imperative to earn your client or patient’s trust. Since Endermologie® is safe, your clients will never worry when they step through your door.

Endermologie® Services are the Wave of the Future 

Endermologie® is proven to be effective, requires no down time, is non-invasive, and is all natural. Whether your clients are wanting to recover from an injury, reduce the appearance of fine lines, or cellulite- there is a treatment available for them. Best of all, the risk factor is much lower than with more invasive procedures. Learn more about getting started with Endermologie® here.




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