endermologie® Roll and Flap Technology Explained


Cellulite has long been an esthetic concern for women, but since the development and availability of endermologie® treatment equipment, easing those concerns has become a reality. Through Endo-Systems’ dedication to providing their customers with the finest technological advances in endermologie® equipment and complementary treatment products, private consumers and professional centers now have access to the latest treatment devices.

Operating the machines takes both training and technique, as a wide range of applications is used to treat different skin areas. This mechanical stimulation on the skin’s surface is both soothing and energizing as invigorating signals are sent into the cells and tissue that make up cellulite.

So, How Does endermologie® Work?

The principle of endermologie® is based on the idea of Mecano-Stimulation™ and LPG’s specialized equipment is designed to allow this to occur in a non-invasive treatment plan that produces positive results. There are two types of technology used within this technique – commonly referred to as roll and flap technology. Together, each works to improve the appearance of the skin and increase blood circulation.

Flap Technology

The flap treatment head uses motorized pulsating flaps, and two-dimensional stimulation — vertical and horizontal — to stimulate the skin. Depending on the pulsation rate and the set suction sequence, the flap head creates specifically targeted stimulation at varying skin depths.

The treatment head contains two interchangeable chambers with removable flaps for large and small areas, and can be set to stimulate the skin at different depths. Variable pulse speeds allow for targeted stimulation directed at certain areas of the skin. This advanced technology is capable of providing 40 new treatments on the face, neck, décolleté́ and hands.

Roll Technology

The roll treatment head is used to trigger a physiological response from deeper within the skin, providing a vigorous, yet gentle massage by rolling and kneading the subcutaneous fat cells and skin on targeted areas.

The roll head itself is unique, containing two independent rollers that are each fitted with an integrated micro-motor. The design allows the rollers to move at independent speeds while turning in the same or in opposite directions. The independent roller design also allows the endermologie®® therapist to manipulate a wider variety of skin folds in terms of depth, shape and thickness. The roll and flap technologies are used in combination when providing full body or targeted area treatments.

At Endo-Systems, we understand that toning skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite is important to all of our endermologie®® clients. This understanding – and our devotion to superior and ongoing customer services has helped develop our expertise in choosing only the finest equipment, products and services for all of our clients.

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