What are the Benefits of Endermologie® for Medical Spas?

Endermologie for Medical Spas

In all likelihood, you have heard of endermologie®. The recent buzz in magazines and online feed about endermologie® effectiveness in treating cellulite and other issues has made it a hot topic, particularly among women. Nearly 90 percent of women experience cellulite in their lives, thus increasing the search for healthy, safe, and effective treatments. Enter endermologie® – a non-invasive, FDA-approved created to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The History of Endermologie®

Endermologie® was developed in France in the early 1980s by Louis-Paul Guitay. While seeking treatment for burns and scar tissues, Guitay noted the process decreased the appearance of cellulite and enhanced the skin’s texture. Today, the safety and effectiveness of endermologie® is accepted worldwide. The Cellu M6 manufactured by LPG was the first device ever cleared by the FDA for the reduction in the appearance of cellulite in 1998.

The Process of Endermologie®

Endermologie® is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment. As such, it is available at medical spas and other locations and performed by trained professionals. At an endermologie® appointment, clients wear a unique bodysuit which helps to ensure the optimum effect. Endermologie® treatment heads are then passed over the areas of cellulite or other issues, toning and massaging layers of skin that are responsible for cellulite. An endermologie® appointment typically lasts from 15 to 35 minutes.

The Benefits of Endermologie®

  • Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite – Endermologie® is most well-known for its ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Most commonly found in the thighs and buttocks, cellulite is caused by underlying fat deposits that have forced their way through connective tissues, resulting in a less-than-appealing ‘cottage cheese’ appearance. It is difficult to keep cellulite in check, as it occurs in so many. Even exercise, weight loss, and strenuous workouts are unable to stop cellulite from happening. Endermologie® utilizes mechanical massage which helps to strengthen connective tissue while toning, targeting the fat deposits, and creating smoother skin for a more appealing appearance in the buttocks, thighs, and waist.
  • Treatment of Back and Muscle Pain – Endermologie® developed as a treatment for burn scars and effective as a treatment for cellulite, is also beneficial in treating back and muscle pain and related injuries. Endermologie® offers relief from pain by increasing the body’s blood circulation, massaging tissues, and soothing sore muscles and strains.
  • Relief from Stress – Endermologie®, which utilizes mechanical tissue massages encourages muscle relaxation and stress relief. The endermologie® treatment uses the patented handheld tool to reach deeply into the body’s muscles and through gentle suction and massages promote rejuvenation and toning among the most effective available today. The outcome often brings peace to the mind and body of those undergoing the treatment.
  • Decrease the Effects of Aging – Endermologie® is effective for decreasing the effects of aging, not only on the body but also on the face. Offering the promise of fast and measurable results, endermologie® is natural and effective in promoting health and wellness throughout the body – from the skin to the muscles to the circulatory system to the lymphatic system.

Endermologie® is effective for beauty and aesthetic medical applications, wellness, rehabilitation, and the treatment of sports strains. There are no known side effects and the quick process is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule.

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