endermologie® Massage: Roll and Suction Technology Explained

While a growing number of women (and men) are taking advantage of the benefits of a program of non-invasive, relaxing endermologie® treatments, not all understand the unique and highly researched roll and suction technology involved in the treatment process.

During an LPG® endermologie treatment – which is an FDA cleared, proprietary and patented technique of cellular stimulation – it energizes the connective tissues of the body and face, including those in the lymphatic circulation, skin and blood. This innovative massage technique, employing the Cellu M6 treatment head, provides a wide range of aesthetically beneficial applications.

Specialized Technology

endermologie® treatments are based on the technique of Mecano-Stimulation™ and LPG’s specialized equipment – designed to allow for a non-aggressive treatment plan that produces positive results. There are two types of technology used within this technique – commonly referred to as roll and flap technology. Working together, each technology works to improve the appearance of the skin while increasing local blood circulation.

mpfAll LPG endermologie devices are equipped with Independent Motorized Pulsating Flap (M.P.F.) and Motorized Roller (I.M.R.) technologies, which include a specially-designed aspiration system that gently grips a fold of skin to stimulate the underlying tissues of the face and body.

The flap treatment head uses those motorized pulsating flaps to provide vertical and horizontal stimulation. The roll treatment head triggers a response from deeper within the skin, providing an invigorating, yet gentle massage by kneading and rolling subcutaneous fat cells and skin on targeted areas of the skin and body.

Scientific Studies

As a world leader in cellular stimulation with its varied beneficial endermologie technologies, LPG has provided the specialized equipment that has treated thousands of women worldwide. In addition to temporarily improving lymphatic circulation in each specific area, regular endermologie treatments temporarily increase lymphatic circulation, reducing the swelling and easing any accompanying discomfort and pain.

Since its development in 1985 by Louis-Paul Guitay of France, 130 studies have been carried out by researchers, scientists and professional experts on endermologie’s benefits both before and after invasive medical procedures, the effective treatment on adipose tissue and further research has shown that endermologie helps to improve and tone the skin’s glow while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

* Mécano-stimulation™ of the skin improves sagging and induces beneficial functional modification of the fibroblasts: clinical, biological, and histological evaluations. Philippe Humbert, et al, Research and studies Center on the Integument (CERT), Department of Dermatology, Clinical Investigation Center (CIC 1431), Besançon University Hospital.

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