endermologie® Is Growing With New Websites And Tools For The U.S.

Endo-Systems clients already have access to valuable post-sale support, training, and technical support for all of their LPG endermologie® equipment purchased through us. Now, we’re excited to announce that clients have even more resources available to help generate brand awareness and aid in marketing efforts.

New Endo-Systems Website

We’ve got a new look! The new www.endosystems.us site is specifically for our clients – med spas, day spas, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, wellness centers, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists.

Here you can learn more about the benefits of offering endermologie®, the science behind it, available LPG products, treatment options, and how to get started with your own endermologie® business.

New LPG endermologie®® US Website

LPG also wants to help you build brand awareness, and they have recently launched a new website as well: www.endermologie-usa.com. This new site is specifically geared toward consumers, educating them about the endermologie® brand, technology, treatment options for the face and body, and most importantly for you, providing a directory to help consumers locate an LPG center close by. We encourage you to find your own business on the locator to make sure your business details are visible and current.

New LPG Consumer Facebook Page

In addition to the site, LPG launched a USA endermologie® Facebook page dedicated to the endermologie® brand earlier this year, which has already garnered more than 70,000 Likes. The page is designed to be a forum for endermologie® fans, while helping to spread brand awareness, provide valuable health and beauty tips and information about endermologie® treatments.

Existing Professional Resources

Remember to take advantage of the existing materials within the endermologie® marketing kit, and the Endo-Systems Facebook page, which is dedicated to businesses providing more in-depth information about the science behind the LPG technology and helpful tips for operating an endermologie® business.

Now Let Us Help You Reach More Clients Through Targeted Digital Marketing

More than 200,000 patients receive LPG treatments daily. So Let’s face it, your patients and clients are already online searching for information about endermologie® treatments – a solution that you provide!

Seize this opportunity by utilizing the tools and resources offered by endermologie® – It’s the brand your business is affiliated with. Keeping consumers immersed in the brand is important for consistency, LPG and Endo-Systems are “all in” when it comes to helping you market your endermologie® business.

Share the content from these resources with prospects and customers to help market your business and spread brand awareness for what is quickly becoming the next “household name” in beauty and wellness.

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