endermologie® Gives Best Results Amongst RealSelf.com Users


When it comes to treating the appearance of cellulite, endermologie® has earned its reputation and popularity with women worldwide … and the enthusiasm is obvious on Realself.com, a website dedicated to cosmetic surgery. The treatment section, which includes a wide range of procedures, was recently dominated by a high percentage (85%) of positive endermologie® reviews from women rating their treatment experiences and results.

RealSelf, created in 2006 by former Expedia exec Tom Seery, does for cosmetic surgery what Angie’s List does for homeowners – although in a far more community-minded way. The site provides social information, support and data for interested consumers, while honoring their desire for privacy.


Since first cleared for use by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the original Cellu M6 has spawned eight succeeding generations of treatment machines. The latest endermologie® technology now includes the ninth generation Cellu M6 Integral and Endermolab models.

Originally created in France to ease discomfort in the scars and rigid skin of burn victims, it visibly reduced the appearance of cellulite in those burn patients. In time, the visibly reduced appearance of cellulite was discovered in patients who had received the treatment.


The international endermologie® clients at Realself may not know its history, but they were quite vocal about their enthusiasm for the results. The reviews are entirely voluntary, covering the last two years:

  • A young mother from Auckland, New Zealand, believes the combination of endermologie® treatments and healthy diet helped her obtain her goals. “I had great results with this treatment. With a combined effort of me eating well for weight loss, endermologie® definitely helped with shaping, toning and reducing cellulite.”
  • Another satisfied voter was a 50-year-old Florida woman, who tried endermologie® treatments to help with surgical healing. After trying a program of full-body treatments to address her “cottage cheese” skin, she was thrilled. “So, I did it, and I was pleasantly surprised,” she said in her review. “The endermologie® helped. I could see the difference in the elasticity on my stomach, legs, and even my upper arms. It also leaves your skin with a smooth softness.”


The overall tone of the reviewers was not only upbeat, but very supportive. The reviews came in from all over the country and the world.

‘Worth it Rating’

  • endermologie® 85%
  • Coolsculpting 71%
  • Venus Legacy 67%
  • Velashape 58%

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