endermologie® Credentials: State, County and City Policies

All endermologie® specialists are recommended to have professional credentials, including diplomas, certifications and licenses. Many are prominently displayed on the walls of a wellness spa or treatment center, as they tell the public about a professional’s qualifications to advise and treat clients. In the United States, local and state governments and professional organizations establish the credentials that endermologie® practitioners need to treat clients. Because this subject comes up often, especially from recent training graduates and those wishing to start their own endermologie® treatment centers, we’ve compiled a general overview of the credentialing process.

Because state and local governments are responsible for outlining the credentials necessary for working in their jurisdictions, this naturally causes tremendous variations in requirements from state to state and between disciplines.

The Differences: Credentialing, Licensing and Certifying

“Credentials” is a broad term that can refer to a practitioner’s license, certification, or education. In a nutshell, government agencies grant and monitor licenses, while professional organizations certify practitioners.

Certification from one entity or the other can be either a prerequisite for obtaining a license or an alternative. To get certified or licensed, endermologie® practitioners must meet specific education, training, or practice standards.

Most states require one or more of the following types of licensure:

  • Mandatory licensure: requires practitioners to have a license for providing a service
  • Title licensure: requires practitioners to have credentials before using a professional title
  • Registration: requires practitioners to provide information about their training and experience to a state consumer protection agency

Most, if not all states require endermologie® practitioners to acquire a massage license before opening a business or working in a spa or wellness center. The requirements for granting a license vary considerably, although they may require license seekers to meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Graduate from an industry-authorized training program
  • Meet certification requirements of a national organization governing the industry
  • Complete a specified amount of practical or “hands on” training
  • Pass a written and practical exam
  • Actively participate in continuing education

States also vary widely in the services they allow practitioners to offer clients. For example, North Carolina requires all endermologie® practitioners to secure a Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy License, while Ohio won’t even allow an experienced endermologie® specialist to sit for the state licensing exam without completing a training program first.

Because endermologie® provides such specialized treatments, the professional regulations are often listed under the more general classifications of Esthetician, Skin Care Specialist or even Massage Therapist. Each state, county and local government page should, however, feature a licensure/certification page for service providers.

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