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4 Reasons Why Every endermologie® Business Should Blog

In today’s world of high technology, savvy endermologie® business owners are well aware of the benefits of various marketing and advertising tools to build a loyal customer base. Blogging on a steady basis is a way to build professional credibility, increase website traffic, boost search engine rankings and foster relationships with potential and current clients. (more…) (Read more)

Creating endermologie® Customer Loyalty and Recurring Revenue

No matter the endermologie®® business size, customer loyalty is incredibly important. Repeat customers can spend up 10x or more than new customers. While increasing clientele is always the goal, it’s actually more expensive to attract new customers than it is to keep the ones you are already doing business with. To create and keep customer loyalty, consider implementing a few… (Read more)

Med-Spa Marketing Ideas For Success: Grow and Succeed


The med-spa market is growing at a fantastic rate, but opportunities to expand both your business and your future still abound. As with most businesses, the tricky part about developing a winning marketing technique is in the planning. Being open and accepting to new technical developments, products, protocols and trends – both within your industry and in marketing is always… (Read more)