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Explaining and Selling endermologie® to Your Clients: 101

Not all wellness-based services sell themselves – even those becoming as popular as endermologie® treatments. And not all spa owners or endermologie® technicians enjoy the selling process as much as others may. To some, selling seems like a frustrating process that may end in rejection; to many consumers, nothing is a bigger turn-off than a blatant sales pitch. (more…) (Read more)

What Are Cut and Fill Treatments: Are They Worth It?

When dealing with cellulite, the range of treatment options available to women are virtually endless, varied and often confusing. From non-aggressive endermologie® treatments to invasive liposuction, the billion-dollar beauty industry has pretty much every avenue covered – but not all avenues lead to the best results. (more…) (Read more)

4 Reasons Why Every endermologie® Business Should Blog

In today’s world of high technology, savvy endermologie® business owners are well aware of the benefits of various marketing and advertising tools to build a loyal customer base. Blogging on a steady basis is a way to build professional credibility, increase website traffic, boost search engine rankings and foster relationships with potential and current clients. (more…) (Read more)

What Makes a Great Esthetician: Learn From the Pros

Estheticians, also called skin care therapists, are trained in a variety of  skin treatments and work primarily in wellness centers, day spas and med-spas. Depending on their level of training and expertise, they perform various procedures, from simple facials to highly advanced endermologie® treatments. (more…) (Read more)