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3 Tips to Get More Testimonials from Your endermologie® Clients

It’s often the little details that clients recall when describing an unforgettable endermologie® experience. These details, when combined with expert treatments, can be helpful in establishing social proof of the benefits realized by clients, which can only increase or sustain a good reputation. (more…) (Read more)

endermologie® vs VelaShape: What’s the Difference?


One of the biggest beauty concerns for women of all ages, weights and varying degrees of fitness is dealing with the unwelcome development of cellulite. This nonthreatening, yet aesthetically unacceptable condition historically plagues women (but very few men) in the hips, thighs and buttocks, and sometimes in the triceps and lower abdominal areas. (more…) (Read more)

Cellulite Treatment Machines: Are They All Created Equal?

The cellulite treatment industry for decades has been engulfed with companies that guarantee “instant” or “one-time” cures. The market is flooded with countless cavitation machines, acoustic wave vacuums, laser machines, ultrasonic pulsators, shockwave therapy machines and cryo-therapy machines. An infinite number of women and an ever-increasing number of men have bravely undergone a wide range of treatments using injections, creams,… (Read more)