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endermologie® Gives Best Results Amongst Users


When it comes to treating the appearance of cellulite, endermologie® has earned its reputation and popularity with women worldwide ... and the enthusiasm is obvious on, a website dedicated to cosmetic surgery. The treatment section, which includes a wide range of procedures, was recently dominated by a high percentage (85%) of positive endermologie® reviews from women rating their treatment… (Read more)

Los Angeles’ Body Care Professionals: New endermologie® Equipment

Body Care Professionals have long been a client of Endo-Systems. They are one of the leading enermologie wellness centers in Los Angeles California. Recently, they added the newest member to their LPG endermologie® family, the Cellu M6 Integral. The Cellu M6 Integral machine is the latest generation LPG device that offers the most advanced LIPOMASSAGE and ENDERMOLIFT techniques for precision… (Read more)