Can Plastic Surgeons Help Your endermologie® Business?

If you are an existing endermologie® business or looking to start your own endermologie® business, chances are you are  seeking ways to either increase or start your revenue stream. Since word of mouth is a proven marketing tool, referrals and recommendations from doctors in your area can be an effective way to capture new business leads. Although endermologie® does not require a doctor’s degree, only medical professionals can use endermologie® for post-surgical operation treatments.

That being said, plastic surgeons are the obvious first choice for referrals as their clients are interested in cosmetic procedures and trust their current doctor’s advice. You should try to contact several plastic surgeons weekly and share with them the research concerning benefits of endermologie® for liposuction patients, both before and after the procedure. Make them aware that endermologie® can speed the removal healing of post-surgical edema and scars as a result of the liposuction procedure.

All plastic surgeons want the best results for their clients and are likely to consider the benefits of recommending your services. Nothing is worse for a plastic surgeon than an unhappy patient who can potentially spread the word about the subpar results they feel were achieved, as that can be devastating to a career in cosmetic surgery. With this in mind, when asking for referrals point out the benefits of endermologie® for smoothing results and softening scar tissue when performed as a procedure after liposuction. Your sales strategy is to demonstrate to the plastic surgeon how your procedure helps the end results of their procedure, providing more satisfied customers which is better for business all around.

Although the routine can vary for each person depending on the specifics of their body and the exact procedures performed by the plastic surgeon, the rule of thumb is going to be six to eight sessions a few weeks (or sooner with doctor’s clearance) after the surgery. This is very little in time and expense to someone going through the process of cosmetic surgery. It shouldn’t require a hard sales pitch to drum up referrals from a number of local plastic surgeons and increase your customer base. The return on the time invested makes it well worth your while to ask plastic surgeons to recommend your services.

Please check with your state laws regarding treating post-surgical patients with endermologie® as each state’s laws differ.

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