Business Is Booming for Med Spa Professionals

Did you know that Americans spent $10 billion dollars on non-invasive cosmetic procedures in 2014? As innovations in the beauty industry advance, there is an increasing amount of new opportunities for aesthetic professionals to grow their businesses. From plastic surgeons to dermatologists, offering an expanded portfolio of services helps bring in new clients.

Instead of focusing on only cosmetic surgery, now plastic surgeons can enhance their services with non-invasive procedures for cellulite reduction or body sculpting.

Emerging Opportunities for Growth

med spa businessAccording to Marketdata Enterprises, the most popular non-invasive procedures are tattoo removal and laser hair removal. Non-invasive procedures are becoming increasingly popular because they are fast, easy, and have little downtime.

In order to take advantage of business opportunities such as these, additional training and equipment is needed. The best choices of med spa equipment for your business will be high-tech, yet easily integrate into a spa environment, so that comfort and style are key elements.



Other opportunities for growth:

  • While women continue to be 83% of the client base, there are also emerging client segments such as men and Baby-Boomers.
  • Think about creating a hybrid environment that meets the expectations of a relaxing spa as well as a medical facility.
  • Create an all-inclusive experience for people who are in a hurry or just need a quick maintenance procedure.
  • Trending services include a mix of Eastern and Western techniques, so include services with an exotic appeal like Thai massage or Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Partnering with the hospitality industry can help bring in new business, so look for hotels or tour guides that can send clients your way.
  • Reach out to your community to bring in business with advertising, marketing, or community service.

How do you feel about the future of your med spa business? Share your experience with our community of aesthetic professionals by commenting below.

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