Bouncing Back: The Top Tips for Getting Back in Shape After Giving Birth

Bouncing Back: Top Tips for Getting Back in Shape After Giving Birth

The average woman gains approximately 25 to 35 lbs during her pregnancy. While a lot of this weight is gone when the baby is born, there is still some weight to be lost after delivery. Getting back in shape after having a baby can help you feel like you have gained back control of your body.

First off, congratulations, you just delivered a miracle! You should feel proud of what your body just produced, and ready for the joys of being with your baby outside of the womb.

All that aside, most women tend to claim that they want to lose their post-pregnancy fat and feel in shape again.

While some of this fat is essential for breastfeeding, there is some weight that is safe to lose. So, the question is, how do we bounce back after delivering a baby and lose those unwanted pounds safely?

Keep reading to learn everything about getting back in shape after having a baby.


Yes, you read that right! Depending on how much breast milk you are producing, breastfeeding can burn an average of 500-800 calories per day! Now you probably understand why your body wants to hold on to that fat after delivery.

Some women can drop most of their baby fat from breastfeeding alone! Be very careful about following a diet at this time, as you need those calories to keep your baby nourished. Focus on eating nutrient dense foods and you will be fine.

Exercise With Your Baby

By bringing your baby along with you while you exercise, you are able to stick to your exercise plan and not feel guilty about being away from your baby.

There are many fitness classes for new moms to include their babies. Look up a mom and baby fitness class near you and you will have no problem getting back in shape!

Meet Other New Moms

One of the most commonly discussed topics between new moms is how they are feeling about their post-pregnancy bodies. Of course, we need to keep our beauty in line, so ask them if they want to be your exercise partner!

This is the perfect time to meet other new moms, go for walks, and exercise together with your babies in the park.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Remember that your body just delivered a baby, your hormones are all over the place and you are probably exhausted from lack of sleep.

When you are feeling those moments of guilt with the weight gain, take a step back and acknowledge what your body just created.

Get Some Rest

Lack of sleep is linked to high cortisol in the body, high cortisol leads to the inability to lose fat. With a newborn baby, chances are you are not sleeping well at night.

When at all possible, put yourself down for a nap along with your baby. Forget about the laundry, you can do that later. This is your time to rejuvenate.

Learn More About Getting Back in Shape After a Baby

Getting back in shape after having a baby may be difficult, but it is not impossible. Follow this guide and you will be back to your pre-baby body in no time!

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