Best Free Fitness Apps of 2014

Good health comes with sacrifice and an active lifestyle. You owe it to yourself to feel and look great so that you can continue to get the best out of life on a daily basis. And, who said technology and exercise don’t mix? If you’re into both activities, you deserve to have something that’s user-friendly, reliable, unique, and affordable. Check out these top apps of 2014 and find out why they’re popular among people who know the importance of staying fit.

Fitness Fast

This app is both pre-loaded and personally customized, according to your preference. You can tune into a large range of daily workouts including, crunches, sit-ups, push-ups, and body stretches. It’s particularly exciting because it lets you take ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos that help you keep track of your progress.



You’ll get in wondrous exercise, in addition to your money’s worth, with this digital tool. Formerly called GymPact, this app enables users to pledge a certain amount of funds for a set amount of days that they plan to work out. If you don’t meet your goal, you end up forking up cash to make up for the missed deadline. However, if you make your goal, you get money back. Talk about some hardcore consequences and incentives!

Virtual Runner

If running’s your forte, you’ll fall in love with Virtual Runner. Whether you’re a jogger, sprinter, or long-distance runner, this app enables you to burn calories on a virtual treadmill designed to move at your pace. Just download the video, press play, and begin running for a worthwhile workout.


If you prefer your bicycle over running gear, you’re also in luck. CycleNav is the ideal app for cyclists, helping them find the best and closest bicycle routes to their specific location. Get your helmet and turn it up a notch with this invaluable device.

You can be confident that these mini personal trainers which fit into your pocket will teach you how to reap the best rewards in return for the time you put in for exercise. Download one or all of these apps now and start living life to the max as you keep the blood pumping and your heart rate going at a healthy speed. Remember time is of the essence, so get going and spread the word so others can get it on the fun as well.

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