Beauty Concerns for Women in Their 50’s

The interest in looking good while being comfortable in one’s own skin doesn’t fade with age. The normal changes of aging are inevitable, often obvious with the development of fine lines, a hint or more of gray and visibly looser skin. Luckily, there are plenty of natural and non-invasive options for women over 50 wishing to enhance their natural beauty.

No woman needs a magazine to tell her that her skin cells aren’t as flexible and active as they were in her 20s, so making the right lifestyle and beauty regimen choices can help eliminate some age-related skincare problems now and in the future. Here are a few common complaints and suggestions on how to deal with them.

Common Concerns

The slightest indication of sagging skin sends many women running for help. The primary cause of this is the inevitable loss of collagen and elastin, the skin’s supportive connective tissue.

Facial muscles also weaken with age, which can be caused by several processes, including weight changes. Levels of hyaluronic acid – which has the unique capacity to retain water in skin cells – naturally decreases – causing the loss of resilience and pliability.

The appearance of cellulite can also change with age, caused by looser connective tissue beneath the skin. This allows for more adipose cells to protrude into the skin surface, accentuating the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

Taking Control

Don’t reach for chemically-heavy face and body creams laced with retinol or AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). Time and overuse of such products will actually thin and dry out the skin, exacerbating the issues. Over-moisturizing can not only block pores, it can have a dragging effect on older skin. There is a wealth of information available on natural, less-invasive approaches to skincare and beauty, including DIY recipes for everything from eliminating dark circles under eyes to naturally smooth, dewy skin. An increasing number of wellness spas also offer natural products.

When it comes to cellulite, there are products that claim to help you shake, rub or even burn it off. Other treatments include using shock therapy, topical drugs, or highly invasive surgeries. Contrary to popular belief, liposuction – which is both risky and expensive – removes only deeper fat deposits, not cellulite directly beneath the skin.

On the other hand, a recent study* of innovative endermologie® treatments integral-2-endermologie-machinesproved their successful effectiveness in temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite and toning various areas of the face and body. Trained specialists offer a wide range of relaxing, non-invasive treatments using the exclusive, two-dimensional Mecano-Stimulation™ technique.

Healthy living also plays a large part in alleviating some of the beauty concerns women face in their 50s. If you smoke, stop – it prematurely ages skin. Wear sunscreen religiously and make it a point to stay well hydrated. In addition to a program of endermologie® treatments, starting or maintaining a regimen of face and body toning exercises is worth the effort. Last but far from least – stick to a healthy, nutritious diet – it contributes to your overall health and that of your skin.

* 2013; Professor Philippe Humbert, head of Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besançon, France, and Director of the Skin Study and Research Center at Besançon University Hospital.

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