5 Tips to Create a Relaxing Endermologie Experience

Your clients are coming to your spa or salon to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world to enjoy a relaxing endermologie® treatment. Providing an oasis of peace and comfort costs you little, but adds huge value your client’s experience. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that each client has a pleasant, relaxing experience – and it doesn’t have to break the bank.


Blinding overhead lights are not only unflattering, they’re about as unrelaxing as you can get. Instead of using those fluorescent ceiling lights, try softening the lighting by using lamps and track lighting to bring things down to a more relaxing level. Lower lighting will not only create set a calmer setting for clients, it adds to the overall relaxing ambiance of your spa. This simple trick is a great way to let your clients know that you want them to enjoy the visit.


Avoid a sterile, empty space filled with fake plants and cold equipment. Invest in several live plants; they’ll not only look beautiful, they’ll earn their keep by naturally cleaning the air. If you prefer the soothing aroma of fresh flowers, consider offering a nearby florist free treatments in exchange for flowers or plants. Or you could offer free advertising by leaving their business cards near a floral display in your waiting area. Your clients will appreciate the effort.


The sound of moving water is part of every luxury spa experience. Whether you purchase a small floor or tabletop fountain or play low background music featuring the sound of water or waves, the presence of water is relaxing. Offer each client with a cold bottle of water labeled with your logo and phone number after each session. It’s a small, but thoughtful touch and a wonderful marketing tool.


Stark, colorless walls can remind your clients of an unpleasant visit to the doctor’s office or hospital – not the best way to create a relaxing environment. Instead of utilitarian white walls, try painting your reception and treatment areas a soft green, cool blue or a pale lilac to create a calmer setting. If your space is limited, neutral earth tones will work well.


As an endermologie therapist, you necessarily work with highly specialized equipment. And if you’re impressed by the quality of the endermologie machines you use, you clients will be, too. Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your business, there are always financing or lease-to-own options when purchasing new or used LPG machines.
It’s not hard to turn your salon or spa into a relaxing oasis by performing a few simple fixes you can do yourself. By adding unexpected, but comfortable elements to your treatment and recaption areas, you’ll add value to every client’s experience. It’s a sure way to set your business apart from your competition.

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