5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Current endermologie® Machine


With the explosion of interest in Face and Body endermologie®® treatments combined with the advances in endermologie® machine technology, now is the time to upgrade your endermologie® equipment. If you have an older model that doesn’t include Face endermologie® technology, then you are missing out on additional service opportunities and income.

Here are the top five reasons to upgrade your endermologie® machine:

  1. About 80% of the billions of dollars spent in the spa industry are spent on the face and an increasing number of women are interested in healthy, non-invasive treatments. endermologie® has not only become a popular treatment on the celebrity circuit, but our FDA-cleared techniques have been featured in articles in a variety of highly popular magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Fitness RX and Self.
  2. Face endermologie® treatments can be applied to the neck, chin, face, and around the eyes. Using facial endermologie®, you can stimulate the production of new collagen fibers, improve skin tone and slow the appearance of aging by using the latest technology to attack flaccidity, wrinkles, expression lines, and poor circulation. Our new machines produce better results in less time. The new Express protocols include 10 minutes for face treatments and 15 minutes for body treatments.
  3. To date, international studies carried out on endermologie® facial techniques have shown several types of tissue changes, particularly in terms of skin tone and facial contours. Face endermologie® is the first and only technique in the world scientifically proven to naturally increase the natural elastin in the skin by nearly 50%, increase firmness by more than 23% and smooth the appearance of wrinkles by more than 21 percent. Most significantly – these studies have indicated the facial treatments provide an 80% increase in natural hyaluronic acid production (Humbert, 2013, France).
  4. The fully redesigned CELLU M6 Integral [2] and the latest generation Mobi M6® combine advanced power and treatment capabilities for never before seen technological precision. The new Face endermologie® is shown to provide 270% more tissue stimulation than the older face technology.
  5. The advanced aesthetic and therapeutic technologies on both machines feature an LPG® Protocol System that includes an adjustable color touchscreen and more than 60 built-in protocols. A combination of proven and advanced technological developments to the Ergodrive® and Ergolift® heads include the following:


  • A 50% increase in treatment chamber volume for more effective treatments.
  • Continued use of independent motorized rollers (LPG patents) and 3-Roll rotations for precision treatments.
  • Control screen and control buttons on the Ergodrive® head and rotating base for easier use.
  • New Ergolift® treatment head with two flaps for different facial areas and precise treatments.
  • Two treatment chambers with removable flaps FLAP 10 and FLAP 20 – for different treatment areas.
  • Constant tissue monitoring capabilities.
  • A transparent chamber to control hyperemia.
  • A new LPG®-patented integrated micro-motor (MPF: Motorized Pulsating Flaps) for two-dimensional Mécano-Stimulation™.

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