3 Tips to Get More Testimonials from Your endermologie® Clients

It’s often the little details that clients recall when describing an unforgettable endermologie® experience. These details, when combined with expert treatments, can be helpful in establishing social proof of the benefits realized by clients, which can only increase or sustain a good reputation.

One of the most powerful pages on a business’s website is the testimonials page. Great testimonials let the public know that your endermologie® services are so impressive that others are seeing great results from it. The question is, how to get believable testimonials? Let’s look at a few creative ways to encourage client reviews.

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Unfortunately, some endermologie® businesses don’t take the essential step of asking their customers to advocate their services. Satisfaction surveys and vague testimonial fill-ins do little to engender real enthusiasm.

Make requests for testimonials a more personalized part of your marketing strategy – the average client is not going to go out of her way to leave a review. Take the time to ask for a review and make it as easy as possible to do so by including direct links to all of the business’s review or testimonial social media pages, the main website and business review sites. Remind or encourage clients to leave comments with a follow-up thank you card or email.

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There are few sure turnoffs as asking a bland, open-ended question such as, “Will you give me a testimonial?”. Ask specific, easily answered questions. Better yet, when a client offers a spontaneous compliment in person or via e-mail, ask if that comment can be used as a testimonial. Make sure it’s understood that it will be used as part of your marketing effort.

Gently steer the client into a conversation instead of firing standard questions at her. If a client admittedly went through one of the most relaxing, refreshing endermologie® treatments in memory, ask the client to mention exactly what you or your staff did to create such a feeling of wellness.

There is nothing wrong with helping clients shape their testimonial, because in many instances they might not know exactly what to say. Chatting about all aspects of a recent endermologie® treatment often helps hesitant or unsure clients vocalize their feelings.

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Even the most satisfied clients appreciate an extra incentive to take the time to write a review. Offering a small bonus is a good way to show appreciation for that effort, but it’s important to ensure an offer is for a review, not merely a good one. Consider the most popular treatment protocols you provide, then advertise a monthly giveaway or discount awarded to a random reviewer. Always make an effort to personally answer every testimonial – in addition to recognizing a client’s effort, it demonstrates a sincere interest in what they say.

Testimonials are one of the most powerful and cost-effective selling tools in a marketing arsenal. Making a few creative adjustments to the client feedback process already in place can yield more powerful, persuasive endorsements.

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