Integral/Endermolab Face and Body endermologie®

CELLU M6® INTEGRAL AND ENDERMOLAB FACE AND BODY ENDERMOLOGIE® COURSE – 2 days The updated LPG® models, Integral(2) and Endermolab(2), feature the new Ergodrive® treatment head for the body, and the new Ergolift® motorized facial treatment head.  The Ergodrive® provides deeper, more intense treatment with a 50% increase in tissue grasp. The Ergodrive® base rotates for better handling and ergonomics.… (Read more)

Keymodule 1/Keymodule 2 Face and Body endermologie® Course

KEYMODULE 1 and KEYMODULE 2 FACE AND BODY ENDERMOLOGIE® COURSE—2 DAYS Keymodule 1 is body only. It does not have flap technology/facial treatments. This comprehensive training covers LPG®’s aesthetic applications for both Body and Face. Training includes: Roll Technology for Body --stimulate the fat release process, smooth cellulite, resculpt the body, tone the skin, and increase circulation. Flap Technology for… (Read more)

Integral/ Endermolab* Endermotherapie/Endermosport Course

CELLU M6 INTEGRAL AND ENDERMOLAB, ENDERMOTHERAPIE™ AND ENDERMOSPORT™ COURSE—1 DAY This advanced Therapeutic course is recommended for the following licensed healthcare professionals only. It is the practitioner’s responsibility to abide by state and local regulations regarding the administration of endermologie®® treatments. Medical Doctors                                  … (Read more)