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Get A Turnkey Beauty Concept With Minimal Space With The Mobi M6

Turnkey Beauty Concept

While many Endo-System clients are operators of full med-spas and wellness centers, facial endermologie® treatments can actually be provided virtually anywhere with the compact, portable Mobi M6.

We’ve seen a significant surge in interest recently from cosmetic stores, salons, nail, brow and blow-out bars. With more and more clients specifically asking for endermologie® treatment by name, we are pleased to be able to offer express face treatments at the favorite beauty providers that clients are already frequenting.

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Skin Care Advice for the Winter Months: Best Tips and Treatments

For many people living in certain areas of the country, the cold of winter might leave you with rosy cheeks, but it can also bring sore, rough dryness to the skin – especially on the face, hands and feet.

Two environmental conditions work together to parch the skin during winter: dry, frigid outside air and dry, overheated indoor air. Winter weather won’t change and heat is necessary, but we’ve come up with several soothing skin care treatment tips to ease the most moisture-starved parts on any body.

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endermologie® For The Face Solves The “Text Neck” Wrinkle Problem

With modern technology comes a new problem our mothers and grandmothers never had to contend with: the “text neck” wrinkle. Constantly looking down at our smartphones, texting, reading, and scrolling is taking a toll on our necks, and it’s not something a chiropractor can fix.

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Wrinkle Prevention: Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Smooth and Youthful

Nobody looks forward to spotting that first fine line or wrinkle, but don’t despair – there are natural alternatives for slowing the effects of skin aging and the wrinkles that come with it. Wrinkles are usually an inevitable part of the normal aging process; elastin and collagen in the skin’s connective tissue eventually weaken and break down.

The development of premature or excessive wrinkles are often caused by external factors, including over exposure to the sun, living in harsh environments, genetic predisposition, lifestyle habits, excessive stress and poor hydration and diet. All is not lost, though – here are five natural ways to reduce the development or appearance of wrinkles.
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