Oscillating Vibrating Workouts: Do They Work?


Remember the old shimmy machines and images of a large motor with a belt attached noisily shaking people till their teeth fell loose? At that time, it was thought that oscillating vibrating workout equipment would be yet another flash-in-the-pan fitness fad. With much trepidation on the part of the experts in fitness-training industries, whole body vibration equipment has been slowly integrated into gyms and fitness studios across the country. What followed, however, was rather astounding. Whole-body vibration workout equipment actually worked!
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10 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life


Breaking news! Good health is important. Although losing excess weight may be a primary concern in maintaining good health, the benefits of eating a proper diet go far beyond just shedding a couple of pounds. For example, eating a healthy diet improves mood, combats disease, boosts energy and extends longevity.  It’s easy to go on a diet for several weeks or even several months, but as we all know, diets do not last.  Most people become so obsessed with counting calories and food choices that they become discouraged quickly. Rather than dieting, we suggest a superfood  lifestyle change.  Below are 10 superfoods with tremendous health benefits.
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Do Women Have More Cellulite Then Men?

Cellulite is a skin condition that affects women and men. But did you know that women actually suffer from cellulite more than men? This is because women have more hormonal changes that cause their bodies to change more frequently. However, men who suffer from obesity or tend to be more stressed can suffer from cellulite too; however this is rare because men store their fat differently than women do.
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