Can Plastic Surgeons Help Your endermologie® Business?

If you are an existing endermologie® business or looking to start your own endermologie® business, chances are you are  seeking ways to either increase or start your revenue stream. Since word of mouth is a proven marketing tool, referrals and recommendations from doctors in your area can be an effective way to capture new business leads. Although endermologie® does not… (Read more)

Best Free Fitness Apps of 2014

Good health comes with sacrifice and an active lifestyle. You owe it to yourself to feel and look great so that you can continue to get the best out of life on a daily basis. And, who said technology and exercise don't mix? If you're into both activities, you deserve to have something that's user-friendly, reliable, unique, and affordable. Check… (Read more)

How Do endermologie® Techniques Work?

There's nothing people dread more than cellulite. Cellulite causes our skin to start dimpling when there's underlying fat deposits, leaving areas like our hips and thighs looking unsightly. While cellulite can be brought upon by a number of reasons like genetics and weight gain, there's hope. Today, there's a treatment option called endermologie® which works to remove cellulite. (more…) (Read more)