Miami endermologie® Equipment: Alternative to Liposuction

endermologie® is the process of reactivation cellular activity done with vacuum suction so the skin and tissue are kneaded gently. It is a painless and noninvasive massage done mechanically to encourage the ractivation of fate release and production your bodies natural elastin and collagen. Over a series of treatments it can firm your skin, sculpt your figure, slim fat cells, and smooth pesky cellulite.
Endo-Systems line of products are high-tech and 100% natural. A review of each will tell you which is most suited for your business. The lastest generation LPG Cellu M6 Endermolab is a great system for large spas with high demand for endermologie® treatments. It provides precise and effective treatment to for facial as well as body treatments. For smaller spas or wellness centers making their first forays into endermologie® the LPG Cellu M6 Integral 2 is a compact, but just as proficient system. Consider the needs of your business and match them to the features of these machines to find the best fit for your endermologie® department.
With it’s ever increasing popularity, endermologie®, is making great strides in improving and refining it’s key equipment. These strides forward are elevating the practice of endermologie® and producing greater results for you with every step forward. Endo-System LLC is an experienced company well versed with providing this equipment to med-spas and wellness centers.
The science of treating connective tissue transformations has both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Endo-Systems understands the needs of spas and wellness centers providing these treatments and distributes the machines on the cutting edge of endermologie®. Adding or improving this branch of your business will elevate the services you provide to your wel deserving customers.