Patients stand on a moving platform and use handlebars to accomplish various exercises specific to their pathologies. An exciting innovation, the Huber® 360 is equipped with eight specific trajectories for each therapeutic indication. This includes a new “random mode” that makes it nearly impossible for the patient to anticipate different movements, helping them achieve marked improvement in balance and coordination.


  • New dynamic platform is faster and provides improved proprioceptive benefit for patients
  • Force sensors inside the platform
  • Dynamic posture corrector
  • Tablet app with wireless capability enables patient monitoring remotely
  • Instantly saves assessment as .PDF
Getting Started



Huber® 360. For every day and each stage of life. Since its creation and through its state-of-the-art technologies, LPG®’s mission is to offer men and women of all ages natural care on all levels: cellular, tissular and osteo-muscular.
The Huber® 360 is a revolutionary innovation that provides patients physical and cognitive training in complete safety. Through a full-functional assessment, this Multi-Axis Motorized Platform with Force Sensors helps patients as they strengthen superficial and deep muscles to recover from joint replacement procedures, injuries, or other conditions. The remarkable platform design also enables unprecedented advances in the correction of posture, and in improved coordination and balance. For 30 years, LPG® has been proud to offer soft solutions for numerous indications.


With the Huber® 360’s applications, professionals in Neuro Physical Training can address 90 percent of classic pathologies:

  • Ankle
  • Knee (including joint replacement)
  • Hip (including joint replacement)
  • Lumbar
  • Thoracic
  • Shoulder
  • Pregnancy/ Post-Partum
  • Heavy Legs/ Poor Circulation
  • Burns
  • Menopause
  • Senior Mobility/ Fall Prevention

The platform is also equipped with programming for:

  • Joint recovery
  • Muscle recovery
  • 12 unique sports protocols


With its techniques – endermothérapie® and HUBER® – LPG® helps medical professionals to improve their practice. Thanks to treatment protocols developed by specialists of various fields of expertise, LPG® techniques can be used as preventive medicine or as therapeutic care. As the physiotherapist’s privileged partner, LPG® offers preventive health solutions to stay in shape whatever the stage of life: post-partum, menopause, fall prevention. Besides this, these technologies take care of most problems that require tissular, joint or muscular rehabilitation, (edema, lymphedema, pain, adherence that can be observed in numerous specialties: angiology, rheumatology, orthopedics, traumatology.)


HUBER® assists the therapist by improving patients’ strength, suppleness, coordination, concentration, posture and balance. It offers hundreds of gentle on-board exercises that safely and softly enable a complete body rehabilitation: back, upper and lower limbs. Associated with endermothérapie®, HUBER® is also a great tool for the therapist to treat joint pathologies, and prevent falls of the elderly.
Thanks to its multi axis motorized platform, HUBER® safely strengthens both superficial and deep muscles. It also mobilizes joints, changes body composition, corrects posture and improves coordination and balance. It enables the care of 90% of classic pathologies. Its use presents considerable advantages for ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and back rehabilitation.


The draining properties of LPG® endermothérapie® treat connective tissue transformations, burns, circulatory disorders (venous and lymphatic) and muscular pathologies (lesions, contractures). Thanks to a range of specific treatment heads and to numerous possible settings, it enables early and pain-free tissue mobilization for an antalgic effect and quick results.
Based on cellular stimulation, Cellu M6® and Mobilift M6® technologies allow increased mobilization of healthy and damaged tissues beyond the capabilities of therapeutic massage. Whether it be for aesthetics (endermologie®), or therapeutic (endermothérapie®) use, the LPG® patented treatment heads deliver intense yet always pleasant stimulation on the skin surface to reactivate natural physiological processes in-depth:

  • Stimulation of natural lipolysis
  • Stimulation of the production of endogenous collagen*, elastin and hyaluronic acid
  • Fluid drainage
  • Vascularization acceleration
  • Edema improvement
  • Muscular preparation and recovery

*According to the Philippe Humbert Research and Studies Center on the Integument (CERT), Department of Dermatology, Clinical Investigation Center (CIC BT506), Besançon University Hospital; INSERM 2013


Do you have symptoms of poor circulation, heavy and painful legs, swollen ankles, or visible veins? No matter the type of symptoms, they are all related to venous insufficiency, which means poor circulation in the veins. Although quite common and often considered harmless, this condition does require treatment for the sake of comfort and aesthetics and, most importantly, to prevent possible complications. By activating venous and lymphatic circulations, endermothérapie® is recognized today as part of the therapeutic arsenal to treat edemas, lymphedemas and venous insufficiency.


endermothérapie® obtains very good results on burn and favors graft take as it stimulates collagen, reactivates tissue exchanges and improves neovascularization. A real plus for patients who find comfort and self-esteem in this therapy!


Considered as the “pain of the century” and often trivialized, back pain – if not treated – can alter the quality of life. To relieve and fight lower back pain, it is necessary to strengthen all back muscles: both deep muscles, essential for posture maintenance, and superficial muscles that reinforce the back bone and enable movement. In parallel, it is vital to stretch to facilitate joint mobility of each vertebra and facilitate increased movement. With its multi axis motorized platform and its handles equipped with force sensors, HUBER® 360 is the ideal functional tool to provide healing, comfort, agility and strength to relieve back pain.


LPG®  accompanies future and young mothers during and after pregnancy by allowing them to fully live this precious and special moment, and to recover their pre-baby figure. Thanks to its state-of-the-art techniques – endermologie® /endermothérapie®  and HUBER®  360 – and its network of specialized physiotherapists, LPG®  offers complete care to relieve pregnancy-induced aches and pains (lower back pain, heavy legs, water retention), ensure full global post-partum rehabilitation, and finally work on both the posture and the figure to retrieve that pre-baby body and even improve it!


Fall prevention and mobility: Neuro Physical Training allows for an ideal healthy physical activity for seniors! Exclusively delivered by HUBER® 360-equipped physiotherapists, Neuro Physical Training offers both physical and cognitive training, particularly recommended to prevent falls, to recover strength, balance and confidence, and to prolong autonomy.


Menopause hormonal upheaval induces a series of more or less important physiological alterations. By working on the body (targeting fat release, firming the skin, improving circulation, draining heavy legs) and the muscular-skeletal system (strengthening muscles, correcting posture), LPG®  solutions offer full personalized and effective support to feel comfortable and at ease with one’s own body and age.

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