With an extensive history of the LPG product line stemming back to 1996, the founders of Endo-Systems, LLC set out to customize their business based upon the needs of the U.S. endermologie® market.

Endo-Systems was established in 2007 on a foundation based upon strict attention to customer service and offering customer support for the LPG product line. Though the first few years were dedicated to strengthening technical support and equipment repair, the company soon grew and refocused to offer a variety of products which complemented this family of equipment. This allowed them to explore and work with other companies and their products that were also non-invasive, non-aggressive, and natural.

Currently, Endo-Systems distributes equipment and products that they have hand selected to best enhance their customers business model with attention to the needs of the individual business and their clients. They continue to redevelop the way that they can better support their customers in an ever changing industry by offering products that complemented one another and always echoing back to the strong belief that customer service is the main priority.